You want to hire a cheap cleaner. You choose: cleaning company or individual?

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You want to find cheap cleaner? You can choose: cleaning company or an individual cleaner?

Many people think that by hiring an individual cleaner they will save money, except this is not always the case. We at Iva Cleaning have encountered many cases of disappointed customers and cleaners. Many people (arriving to the UK) begin working in the cleaning industry as it is easier to start. Many of them don’t know what cleaning products are best to be used in England. As you know incorrect use of chemicals may cause damages. At times, new cleaners don’t know and don’t understand how to clean the place they have been given or what they need to clean more specifically. This give the customers bad impression of their cleaner. At Iva Cleaning we always make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with the service provided.


The pay gap between cleaning agency charge and an individual cleaner is not very large. Depending on the agency and the individual cleaners the price varies up to £4/h. We would like you to consider, are those £4 worth your time spend in complaining and/or thinking of ways to fix something that has been damaged?


Iva Cleaning Services London examines any records of the people we hire. We examine their skills and provide them with training if necessary. Once we ensure that our cleaners are fully prepared to work on their own we allocate them to their customers.

Our customers can be guaranteed that we deliver services according to their preferences. If the customers are not satisfied with their cleaner we can substitute them with another one.

The benefits of hiring a cleaning company:

  • Verification of the documents and skills of the candidate in advance.
  • Covered by our public liability insurance in case of damages in your house cause by our cleaner.
  • Replace the cleaner due to illness or holiday.
  • Handover of keys in case of change of the cleaner.
  • 100% guarantee that you will get your money back in case of absence.


Call us now and we will be happy to find the best solution for your home and you!

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