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Probably you hear from your mothers or grandmothers that housework is “the most ungrateful job.”

It turns out that while it is imperative to look your home in a row, it is injurious to health.

In today’s busy world of working women find it less difficult to combine their profession with household chores. Some ladies are lucky because they have men and husbands who help them, others do not. And if a woman has to deal with everything in the home and office, it will sooner or later collapse. New research shows that the combination of these two things left representatives of both sexes with no time for themselves, which leads to tremendous stress and depression.

Questionnaire in which they were involved 100 representatives of both sexes shows that took extra chores like paying bills , shopping, cleaning the house , cooking , often have high blood pressure. This is due to the lack of personal time, where people can relax and pamper themselves.

For the major cause of high blood pressure are recognized cleaning, cooking and obligation to shop every day. All these regular commitments lead to permanent stress caused by increased responsibility and desire tasks to be fulfilled as soon as better, say scientists.

Less influence on health are the bills – water, electricity, etc., the car repair, planning the family budget. This is because these duties are often shared by the two partners. At least care and stress create childcare and pet.

Don’t worry about cleaning, ironing, laundry or anything else any more… Iva Cleaning London is here to help you!


We can clean your house from top to bottom on a regular basis. We also offer ironing service and grocery shopping. Especially for working couples we provide cooking services, laundry services, light gardening and pets care. For families with children we offer babysitting services as well.

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