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Office Cleaning Service

Iva Cleaning offers cleaning services for your business needs: office, nurseries, schools and churches. The office cleaning services are carried out by our most experienced and well trained cleaners. Their training has equipped them to be able to carry out their job without disturbing yours. Office cleaning is a weekly service, and we recommend it be carried out early in the morning or late afternoons to ensure that our cleaners do not get in your way. Communication is key! We ask for any specific instructions in order to deliver the the best possible office cleaning service.

What does the office cleaning service involve?

The office cleaning service is unique to each of our customers, so that we are able to work around you. Office cleaning will include:

  • dusting and wiping of desks,
  • wiping of electronic devices –  phones, computer screens, keyboards etc.
  • hoovering
  • mopping where applicable
  • full clean of kitchen area

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your office cleaning service to ensure it fits best with your needs!

Book your office cleaning service with us to ensure you are not left disappointed.

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