You want to hire a cheap cleaner. You choose: cleaning company or individual?

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You want to find cheap cleaner? You can choose: cleaning company or an individual cleaner? Many people think that by hiring an individual cleaner they will save money, except this is not always the

10 amazing uses for baking soda cleaning!

You can not imagine how many things you can clean with… Baking soda!First I would like to explain what is baking soda. It’s a type of salt that is made by mixing two naturally

5 amazing uses of vinegar as a cleaning helper!

Vinegar is a natural product that has been around for thousands of years. its many uses make it so versitle and important to our lives. Here are 5 top uses of Vinegar as a

Cleaning services after Halloween party for your house or office

*** Halloween (31st October 2013) *** It’s already 19th October 2013 now, so… Halloween is the first of all upcoming party events! Even Halloween is a great fun for adults and children, the day