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Hello and welcome to all our guests both new and returning to our web page. 

I would like to share with you several truths in regards to the end of tenancy cleaning London, or the last clean after selling your property. As you are aware, this cleaning service is conducted in order to obtain the deposit put down at the signing of the tenancy or contract, and as a clause stated in majority of contracts, the property should be left in a clean state. As the wheel of the everyday life is ever spinning, and despite the quick dust and hoover in between our busy lives, there are corners of our homes that have not been given a glance, let alone cleaned for years. From personal experience I assure you, that it is these places that agents look for at the final check-out. Given these little truths, the work of professional cleaning agencies is to identify and clean to perfection those neglected corners, as well as the whole home.

What do we need in order to complete an outstanding job? Wow, that is a good question!

end of tenancy and oven cleaning London

  1. Firstly we need good quality, professional cleaning products for our end of tenancy cleaning service. It is obvious that the use of such cleaning products is excluded from the price. It is at this point that a lot of people rush to say “No thank you, I will provide the cleaning products and materials needed!” I would like you to try and understand me correctly; supermarket/ordinary cleaning products do not contain the same chemicals like professional cleaning products. Yes, I do not deny that they are much cheaper, but with experience of both I stand by professional products as ordinary products do not deliver or satisfy the highest cleaning quality that we want to deliver and achieve. Let me present you with an example; if you use Mr. Muscle Oven in order to clean your oven inside and out it would take you roughly 1-1.5 hours in order to make it sparkle. With professional oven cleaner, that time is cut in half and your oven sparkles in cleanliness. Iva Cleaning Services LTD works with Eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products and is able to complete any task at hand for an exceptional price.
  2. Hot water and electricity! It is unimaginable to think just how limited we would be without hot water and electricity, these are two components that we consider as basic needs in order to complete our end of tenancy cleaning in London areas.
  3. Another vital factor of importance in end of tenancy cleaning service is the need for the apartment or house to be free from furniture, belongings, builders, or rubbish. Iva Cleaning Services LTD does not agree to complete any cleaning services in a property, whilst other services or works are completed throughout the property for example; repainting or the putting together/taking apart furniture, electricity or gas corrections and so on. It is evident for all the difficulty faced by all sides when presented with such working conditions.

I would now like to take you on the step by step journey we take when we enter a property for an end of tenancy cleaning service.

  1. Firstly we carefully assess each and every corner of the property, from the kitchen to the cobwebs under the beds. This is done in order to evaluate the quantity of the work and the exact cleaning products needed
  2. Secondly each and every drawer, wardrobe is opened and checked for any forgotten items, and then we can begin…
  3. We divide the workload – this is very important as in the majority of our properties we work with our partners – cleaning carpets, sofas and window washing
  4. After we have completed the cleaning service, our supervisor comes to inspect the property
  5. Finally the client or an agent from the agency does the last check of our services.

I hope this has given you an insight into the service that we provide. For more information or photographic proof of our completed work you can find on our website page: Please do hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions, queries, would like more information about this service and others that we offer, or are after the price of our services. We are at your services and are available for contact via e-mail, or by phone, which you can find on our website.

Yours faithfully,

Iva Katrafilova

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