How to remove pet’s hair from my house and car

A lot of our customers have this problem.

Please find out some of our advises – How to remove pet’s hair from your house and car!

*** For removing pet hair from upholstery in your house and car an easy method is to use a rubber glove. Gloves with a raised grip work better. Put the glove on and then dip it water to make it wet then shake off excess moisture. Run your fingers over the pet hair areas in short scraping strokes. You will find that the hair is easily removed and it is especially easy to get into nooks and crannies and areas down the back of your sofa.

*** You can also use a dampened sponge. Rub the sponge in a downward motion over your chairs, cushions and car upholstery.

*** Pet stores carry specially made tools for removing hair including rubber rakes, hair removal sponges and pet hair magnets. Pet hair rollers are another solution. They are a small hand held roller which come supplied with disposable perforated sheets of sticky paper. The idea is to roll the pet roller over the area of pet hair and the hair sticks to the sticky paper.

*** A similar method of removing dog and cat hair is to wrap packing or duct tape around your hand, sticky side facing out and pat this over the furniture or car seats.

*** Rub a clothes-dryer fabric-softener sheet over the pet hair. The softener in the sheet makes it easy to pick up the hair.

*** A lint brush brushed one way only over fabrics is also useful for removing dog hair.

How to remove pet hair from carpets

*** Some breeds of dogs, especially short hair breeds have hair that stick into your carpet like fine little needles which are not easily removed by vacuuming. Rubber brooms can be used on these stubborn hairs. The rubber bristles work with static electricity and the dog hairs just seem to jump on to the brush. Another method is sweeping with a stiff bristle brush before vacuuming.

If time and energy are not a problem to you, you can go over your carpet with a rubber glove or damp sponge to remove the hairs.

*** Try mixing some fabric softener with water and mist it on to your carpet with a spray bottle. Don’t saturate the carpet, just a fine mist is all you need. Allow to dry.  After the carpet is dry, go over with your vacuum cleaner.

Buy a new vacuum cleaner

*** You might want to invest in a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson make a specially designed vacuum cleaner that removes animal hair. It’s called the Dyson Animal. It may be a difficult decision to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner but if you are a pet lover and you are likely to have cats or dogs in the house for most of your life then the initial cost could be money well spent to save you from the ‘pet hair blues’.

How to remove pet hair from clothing

*** All of the above methods for removing pet hair from furniture can used to remove hair from clothing. In addition another handy hint is to put the item of clothing in the clothes dryer for 20 minutes. The lint filter should remove the problem. (No need to put your clothes dryer on heat, the cool cycle works just as well)

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