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A Housekeeper is someone who takes care of running your household, and this goes way beyond just cleaning.Maids/Housekeepers perform typical domestic chores such as:

  • Taking care of all general household duties, such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting etc.
  • Laundry, ironing from shirts to bed sheets
  • Grocery shopping or organizing shopping deliveries;
  • Walking the family dog;
  • Taking care of children or babysitting some evenings;
  • Organizing wardrobes, shelves, cupboards
  • Helping at dinner parties
  • Cooking or preparing food etc.

The difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner is that the housekeeper works usually only for a single employer, taking care of all the different tasks needed for running the household, from general cleaning, to shopping, from polishing the silver to helping out at dinner parties…

Working Hours

Full time housekeepers work usually from 9am till 6pm. However, this is flexible according to the requirements of the position. Some housekeepers are happy to work during the weekend, half or whole of Saturday in exchange for a day off during the week.

Verification Procedure

The most important aspect of our work is the verification around our applicants. Iva Cleaning take this seriously and set a high standard in our process.

  • Require a minimum of 2 proofs of identity (no photocopies), one of which must have a recent photograph.
  • Verify their qualifications
  • Verify their Visa status, if necessary
  • Verify references.
  • Require a police check.
  • As well as the formal checks, we will interview the applicants and will use our knowledge skills and experience to gauge their suitability for a position.

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