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Check-in in person vs self check-in?

Many of our clients have asked us if we do the service – meet and greet the guests. Due to restrictions so many London host are not able to install lock-boxes near their flats/houses. This complicates their Airbnb rental process. London is a very busy city and point-to-point travel takes a lot of time (especially during peak hours). We, at Iva Cleaning Services London want to help our customers and that is why we offer the service – Meet and Greet Airbnb Guests in person.

Self- checking procedure is another way of welcome your guests. Is more easy, more cheaper and more flexible. The guest will receive all information prior arrival and make their way to the property. This is good option for late night check-in guests or business travelers. 

We have so many customers who prefer meet & greet service as part of their great and high rated service. There are some reasons:

Airbnb Meet and Greet Service London

Quick and Easy check-in

Guests wants to check-in straight away after arrival in the city- to leave their bags, to relax, to sleep or to have a shower and explore the city as soon as possible. Whether guests had 13 hours flight from another part of the world or just 30 min drive, they don’t want to loose any time searching for keys. As you know there are so many ways for self check-in such as lockboxes, KeysNest and Keycafe shops but sometimes these shops are too far from the property which frustrate the guests. So many times guests don’t know how to open the lockbox and call the host during the night, etc. All this make property rate goes down (check-in procedure). Meeting your guests in person is quick, easy and secure way of welcome the travelers.

Feel like at home

Imagine you go on holiday in a country you don’t know anything about it. All the things around you are opposite sites- driving, crossing the roads, transport, etc. Isn’t it so scary? If there is nobody to explain you the basic staff you have to waste hours in Google to read and understand how to explore this city. That’s why Meet and Greet Service is great way to welcome your guests to your accommodation and make them feel at home. The guests to have the opportunity to ask any questions they have for the city, property and the area.

Check the property before your guests and after the clean

Our representative make sure your property is spotless clean before your guests. If the cleaner missed something, they will clean it. They will also check the water, heating, TV, lights, toilet paper, soaps, etc. They are well trained and know how important is the first impression.

We also offer you Airbnb Cleaning and Airbnb Linen and Towel supply (ask for more information)

Secure and safe

Meet and greet service is much safer than all other options (KeyNest, lockboxes, etc). Also, the person who meet your guests will see and take a picture of their ID’s as another way of verification.

Iva Cleaning Services London now offers you Meet & Greet Service in London. We will visit your property and meet you in advance and make sure we know everything about the flat/house. We know the most common questions and we will make a note of that. We will keep your keys and make sure follow all your instructions. Our reliable, friendly and trustful people can make a huge difference in your property rating.

5 Star! Happy guest, happy host!

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