Cleaning Services in Kensington and Chelsea (SW & W postcodes)

Cleaning Services for SW & W postcodes areas- Kensington & Chelsea

Regular Domestic Cleaning could be on a weekly basis – just once, or several times per week or on a fortnightly basis, all dependent on your needs. This cleaning service includes all general and thorough house duties done on a regular basis. We can arrange washing and ironing service as well. Our experienced London-based domestic cleaners are fully trained and guaranteed to clean your home to the highest standard, leaving you to enjoy your spare time free from the worry of household chores, in a house that sparkles clean.

How do we work

* Cleaning materials and equipment are not included in the price. You should provide them on the site.

* Payments are via weekly/bi- weekly standing order direct to our bank account, so you don’t worry for cash/cheques, etc.

* We are responsible for the cleaner’s wage.

* There is a 1 (one) year contract for the service but… if you want to cancel it before that you should give us 2 (two) weeks written notice for cancellation. No penalties and charges.

* We will send you the same cleaner every time, so you can leave her the keys;

* If you are not happy with the cleaner’s work- please let me know and I will change her (normally in 7 working days);

* If the cleaner goes on holiday or is sick- then we will arrange replacement cleaner (if require) or refund you the money;

* If you want to change a day/time or do not want a service for some reason- please let us know as soon as you know, so we can rearrange it or reschedule cleaner’s time/issue you a refund;

* We will email you monthly invoices;

* First time of cleaning always takes longer as the cleaner doesn’t know your place, what do you want, etc.;

* We advise our customers to be in the house for the first time, so they can show everything to the cleaner;


Please do not hesitate to contact me for more questions or information.

We are here to make your life easier.

Iva Cleaning London team


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