5 amazing uses of vinegar as a cleaning helper!

Vinegar is a natural product that has been around for thousands of years. its many uses make it so versatile and important to our lives. Here are 5 top uses of Vinegar as a cleaning helper around the house.

  1. Clear dirt off PCs and the like

Vinegar and water on a dampened cloth or cotton buds is a great way to clean electronics like computer keyboards.

  1. Erase ballpoint-pen marks

Using maximum strength white vinegar, dab the scribbles of your children’s masterpiece whether it is on a freshly painted wall or desk, a few scrubs with a cloth or a sponge and white vinegar will do the job

  1. Giving the rug a refreshed look

Using a 1 to 3 vinegar to water solution and a brush, you can give that old rug a fresh makeover and restore is colour in a quick, easy and simple way.

  1. Removing candle wax

Candles may create a romantic atmosphere, but are anything but kind to furniture. Using white vinegar and water solution, rub gently over the wax, then use a clean absorbent cloth to wipe down the surface.

  1. Shine your silver

Mix white vinegar and baking soda and leave your silver to soak for 2-3 hours. Then remove rinse and enjoy the shine!

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